Saturday, August 28, 2010


Another macro photography! Ladybug is such a cute insect and its color looks good on photo! One of the most appealing, colourful and popular insects. See how the ladybug's red color pops out while surrounded by a bunch of greens! I read through a magazine I just bought and it has 10 spreads on taking pictures in the garden and all the creepy crawlies that can be found! It would be nice if I own a macro lens but I guess these pictures turn out okay. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Collaboration.

Again! A new update about plants and this time, it's about flower only! I'm very interested in macro photography but haven't got the chance to get macro lens to learn more about this kind of photography and maybe be better at it.
Notice that I didn't add my trademark in the photos? Well, that's because the photos were taken by me but the editing was done by Joel. The photos are quite bland at first but after the editing, the pictures come to life! He deserves the credits as well! :P

Check out his photo blog and you will see that he's an amazing photographer and kick ass in editing!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


My favorite type of weather, the rain. I love the rain so much more than sunny days and the reason is simple, I hate being all sweaty in hot scorching heat. I like to feel the cool breeze after the rain and I love it even more if it rains in the night when I'm sleeping, it feels great to be in bed and it's really cozy. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I must say that taking Macro Shots or any type of Still Photography is my my cup of tea. I like it when something that stood still or no movements involve. It's easier for me to take this kind of picture because I know that I can use enough time to be in the zone to take pictures and I don't have to rush into every shot, unlike wedding or occasion's photography cos it's very unpredictable and you must be ready at all times so that you won't miss any important moment. The fact that those moments couldn't be repeated, the pressure is always there, your photography sense will be more alert. 

These are all taken during my visit to Kuala Penyu, my grandma's house and her garden.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ekhwan's Engagement Part 1.

This would be my 1st time attending a Muslim engagement ceremony and also the 1st time that I was asked to be the photographer. I was psyched but at the same time I felt the burden cos I was soo afraid of making mistakes. I faced difficulty in taking these photos cos of the insufficient amount of light and I have to constantly use my flash so that I can set my shutter speed a little bit faster cos someone told me that I have to freeze the moment.
Aside of all the problems that occurred, I must say that I enjoyed the ceremony and how can we feel bad when a couple is getting engage. It was a simple engagement but meaningful to them cos they're about to face a new journey together as husband and wife in the future. 
I wish them all the best and congratulation!! :D