Saturday, July 31, 2010

The infected and BOKEH!

This mango leaf is so infected and it kinda look like the leaf has so many blemishes and pimples, which is gross but it fascinates me how can the leaf got infected like that. I managed to capture some bokeh in this picture, which makes me happy. LOL!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

First there was a rainbow and then the sky sets on fire.

Took these last 2 weeks ago and totally forgot to post these up. It all happened in a day. It was raining and not long after that, the rainbow started to show itself but the show wasn't long enough. It only lasted for about half an hour and I took pictures of it when it started to fade away because I was sleeping at that time. When I woke up and went outside of my house, I saw the rainbow and rushed back into my room to get my DSLR. That was my first time taking pictures of a rainbow, haha! 
As the time passed, the sun started to set and it makes the sky look at its best. The sunset generated  beautiful and fiery colors, makes it look more orange-y. Somehow it makes me feel like the sky is burning. 

God has indeed created one of a hell good world and universe!

Happy Together.

The title of the post 'Happy Together' suits today's post the best!! I mean it shows in the picture that they do feel happy. It was raining when I took these pictures and I wanted to take pictures of a person standing in the rain but it didn't go as I've planned. I need to go to a different direction. Brown, my dog kept following my younger sister and I around, probably was quite interested with my DSLR that was hanging on my neck. He began to act all cute and started to play with my sister and I managed to take the third picture that I think is quite cool. I love them both! Brown is the most intelligent dog that I know and also the most caring too. He's a part of my family. My sister Marsha Elsie Justine, I love her very dearly and I miss her so much if she's not around. She's the person that I can open up and be myself truly. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peep hole!

I took these pictures when I was having a break from my revision, after the photo-shoot that I did with my guitars and I wanted to take more pictures. This one is another random idea that came across me.
The idea is about looking through a peep hole, something similar when we see who's outside of the door through the peep hole that most doors have. Since I don't have anyone that I can take picture for the subject, so I decided  that the gorgeous men that have been living on my bedroom wall would be enough. The first picture is Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, second is Liverpool's and England's captain Steven Gerrard and last but not least Jamie Scott.
The prop that I used for this shoot is a roll of toilet tissue and that's it. I hold the toilet tissue using 1 hand and the other hand is to press the shutter. Easy yet simple right?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Penelope, the Santa Cruz guitar and Blair, the ukulele.


These are my babies! Penelope was bought probably 10 years ago and she's the first guitar I played and there's no guitar that can beat her. Blair, the ukulele is the new addition in our family. Bought it a few months back because I wanted to be the "next Zee Avi". LOL!

This was a random shoot that I did when I was studying for my finals. I was so bored and decided to take a break to take few pictures before continuing my revisions. At first I didn't have any inspiration on what subject  for my shoot so I sat on my bed, looked around the room and saw my two babies sitting on the chair, chilling!! So the idea came to me and voila, my precious guitars as the subject!

The Beginning.

Before I start things off by uploading pictures, I would like to share about why I fell in love in photography and how it all started. I've always been an avid fan of art and since I can't draw, paint, create music or write, I felt bad about it and try to look for other options and found out that taking pictures or also known as photography is another form of art and at the back of my mind I thought "Maybe I can give this a try." and BOOM! I fell in love straight away!! I love photography and been a fan since at the young age of 15 and at that time I haven't started to pick up the camera because I thought that I don't have the ability to take good pictures. I kept looking at some photoblogs and hoping that I myself could learn how to take a picture and some day, I could take pictures as great as those that I've seen on the blogs. One day, when I was checking out some photoblogs, a phrase from one of the blogs caught my attention. " Photography isn't about how good your pictures are or how skillful are you in taking pictures. It's about how you see things and interpret your point of view into your picture." That phrase totally hit me in the brain, face and made me realized that I don't have to be a skillful photographer to take pictures, it's how I see things that matters. Not long after I read the phrase, I began to take pictures by using a plain digital camera and since then, I love photography even more. A few months after that, my dad bought me a DSLR Sony Alpha because he knows that how much I enjoy taking picture and I was ecstatically over the moon! At last, I own a DSLR and it makes me feel more like a real photographer and I'm happy for the fact that my dad actually supports my passion. That's basically how I started in pursuing my passion in photography.
I think this whole passion on photography that I have was passed down to me by my mother because she enjoys taking pictures too and it makes me even more believe that I am my mother's daughter. LOL!

" Photography isn't about how good your pictures are or how skillful are you in taking pictures. It's about how you see things and interpret your point of view into your picture."