Thursday, December 30, 2010


Marsha, the one who always have my back!

Jeniffer, quite annoying sometimes cos she's the youngest and mom and dad always take 
her side but I love her still. 

 Marcel, a brother that always disturb his sisters and always treat me as if
I'm his punching bag.

Mom, the woman who brought me out into this world and the most
beautiful woman on earth!

The Awesome aunt Tina! 

The Sarcastic but Cool aunt Suzanna. 

Sweet cousin Stephanie.

These portraitures was taken on Christmas Day since all of us were able to be together. We were chatting and relaxing while everybody was eating so I decided to take their picture. The room was quite dark but the window was open and this gave me the idea to do some CLS or Creative Lighting System. I only use sunlight and positioned them to sit by the window to get the right amount of sunlight shone to their face. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Let's take picture...

I was really uninspired before I took this but I decided to just take a few shoots cos I feel like it has been the longest period since the last time I held my baby DSLR. Been neglecting it and I'm such a bad mummy! So, this is my second typography that I did. Typography is basically a kind of photography that includes some wordings or even quotes. 

I use my own quote which ' let's take picture', as shown above. Bought the necklaces from a friend and those are my favorite accessories at the moment. Love to wear one of them when I go out. The writings are hand written by me, my cursive writing skill is really rusty now! Practiced LOADS before I get to write the not-so-perfect one. Happy with this I must say. :D

A couple of Portraits.

Taken this monthss ago and totally forgot about these cos they were hidden in the 'vault' lol! I always said that taking portrait is my weakness but I do want to change that cos each and every people on this earth have their own uniqueness and beauty or handsome. :) Wanting to take more portraits in the future and yeah, I LOVE to challenge myself!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Je t'aime boucoup, Eiffel.

Je t'aime boucoup

Eiffel Tower, one of the MOST POPULAR landmarks in the world! I will go to Paris and see you with my own eyes. 

Decided to take pictures of it since I have the keychain and someone very special dedicate a post for me which also about the Eiffel Tower, of course. This post is kind of like a 'reply' to his post and I dedicate this to him as well. We made a promise to each other that one day, we will travel and visit Paris together.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Off to Labuan.

I did a post about her before and that was with our dog and this post I dedicate it to her alone. Been thinking about her very frequent lately since she's been contacting me a lot. Her finals are around the corner and that probably the reason why she was worrying and kept texting me in the middle of the night. As her older sister, I could only pray for her so that she would stay calm and do the best for her upcoming exam.
This photo was taken wayyy back in May while waiting for the big ferry from Menumbok to Labuan. Yes, she is a matriculation student and we ( family) are very proud of her!

Note: Taking portrait is my weakness but this one turns out okay. :D

Batangan Baru Trip part 2.

Care to Kayak, anyone?

Traditional 'board game'!

Broken and neglected.

Au revoir!

The second part of the photos that were taken during the trip. I apologized for the late update due to the size problem of the pictures. I have to resize them all cos last time, the uploader won't let me to upload the photos which made me a bit stressed. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Batangan Baru Trip part 1.

These are some of the photos that I've taken during the trip to Batangan Baru that was organized by the uni's photography club. As you can see the photos above, we did Batik Painting and that was actually our first activity of the day. I must say that the trip was kinda laid back and I enjoyed it.

More pictures to come cos the Blogger uploader wouldn't let me to upload more pics which sucks.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Photography Contest- Kenzo Peace with Nature.

"You are the MOST vivid from the rest."

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a photography contest that was organized by Kenzo in conjunction of the launching of its new fragrance 'Flower'. The theme for the contest would be 'A Touch of Red', which means red color has to be part in the photo. Contestants can choose 1 out of 2 categories, Advanced Category is for advanced, experienced and pro photographers. 2nd category would be the Creative Category and this category is for casual shooters with creativity in expressing the theme.

Was thinking to enter the contest and went around my house to get inspired and I saw this flower. My mom planted it years ago and it grows healthily, we called it Firecrackers flower cos it kinda look like a small bunch of firecrackers and birds love to suck the honey out of it. I got lost track of  time and when I wanted to submit it, the submission has been closed. Too bad but it's okay though, just not my luck. :D

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Justine Clan.

 Picking up shells at the beach

Mom joined in the fun

Went in to the water just to find shells

Dad with his serious expression

I present to you my family, The Justine. These photos were taken way back in the month of May. Went back to my dad's hometown, Kuala Penyu to celebrate 'Kaamatan' also known as Harvest Festival. Dad decided to bring us to Sawangan Beach a few days later, grandma was with us too but she's camera shy so didn't have the chance to take her portrait. The weather was fine, a little bit windy but it didn't rain. My little brother and youngest sister behaved that day, no shouting and fighting with each other like they always do so my parents could have their tranquility for a little while. The kids were playing and picking up shells, the grownups chit chat under a tree nearby, and I was busy taking pictures of the sceneries. Too bad my younger sister wasn't there with us, she actually went back to Labuan on exactly the same to continue her study. Matriculation's school break sucks, not long enough for us to spend quality family time together.

Edited the photos in B&W to give a pinch of dramatic effect.

Overall, the day was fun. It was nice to be at the beach once in a while. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mini Diana, a princess!

Behold, The Mini Diana!!

Collection of Pictures Book, Square frame and Half frame.

One of the pages from the Square frame section.

Pages from the Half frame section.

The manual/instruction.

Diana and I.

It's been awhile since my last post and I'm sorry for not updating earlier and often cos I've been uninspired at all, that happen to me sometimes . But today I'm going to blog about the new addition to my family of camera. Welcome Diana! Such a lovely name for an awesome, small and plastic camera! It's actually a lomo camera and it uses 35mm film strip. Bought it last week when a friend of mine told me that her friend will open a booth at Megalong's Flea market and she'll be selling Mini Diana for only RM150. RM150 for a lomo cam?? I thought to myself that's definitely a catch and worth it! In my family, not only me who likes to take picture but my younger sister as well. Marsha is interested in photography too but her kind of approach is more laid back, go with the flow, very relax cos that's really who she is and Lomography suits her the best. She loves Lomography, so I decided to buy it for her, I mean HELP her. She'll pay me back! hahaha! 

The pictures that the mini royal could produce are outstanding by just looking at the pictures on the book that came with the camera. You guys can check out some of the pictures here. This little baby can take 2 sizes of frame, 24x24 is the square format and 24x17 is the half format. That's exactly one of the features that I really love about this mini camera! 

For more info on Mini Diana, please check out these website!

About Lomography

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Collaboration part 2.

A nice rest.

Too cute.

Having to know Joel who shares the same interest as mine is definitely a good thing cos we can learn a few new things, tricks and skills from each other. Similar from the previous collaboration, I was the one who took the pictures and Joel edited them. 
You can check out his blog and his pictures are amazing.

Chatbox Announcement!

I've set up a chatbox for this blog since some of you have to go to my other blog to leave messages. You guys can now do it here and the chatbox is on the right side of this blog. For those who aren't a registered Blogger user, you may leave your notes or anything there. 

JessRawR :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Another macro photography! Ladybug is such a cute insect and its color looks good on photo! One of the most appealing, colourful and popular insects. See how the ladybug's red color pops out while surrounded by a bunch of greens! I read through a magazine I just bought and it has 10 spreads on taking pictures in the garden and all the creepy crawlies that can be found! It would be nice if I own a macro lens but I guess these pictures turn out okay. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Collaboration.

Again! A new update about plants and this time, it's about flower only! I'm very interested in macro photography but haven't got the chance to get macro lens to learn more about this kind of photography and maybe be better at it.
Notice that I didn't add my trademark in the photos? Well, that's because the photos were taken by me but the editing was done by Joel. The photos are quite bland at first but after the editing, the pictures come to life! He deserves the credits as well! :P

Check out his photo blog and you will see that he's an amazing photographer and kick ass in editing!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


My favorite type of weather, the rain. I love the rain so much more than sunny days and the reason is simple, I hate being all sweaty in hot scorching heat. I like to feel the cool breeze after the rain and I love it even more if it rains in the night when I'm sleeping, it feels great to be in bed and it's really cozy. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I must say that taking Macro Shots or any type of Still Photography is my my cup of tea. I like it when something that stood still or no movements involve. It's easier for me to take this kind of picture because I know that I can use enough time to be in the zone to take pictures and I don't have to rush into every shot, unlike wedding or occasion's photography cos it's very unpredictable and you must be ready at all times so that you won't miss any important moment. The fact that those moments couldn't be repeated, the pressure is always there, your photography sense will be more alert. 

These are all taken during my visit to Kuala Penyu, my grandma's house and her garden.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ekhwan's Engagement Part 1.

This would be my 1st time attending a Muslim engagement ceremony and also the 1st time that I was asked to be the photographer. I was psyched but at the same time I felt the burden cos I was soo afraid of making mistakes. I faced difficulty in taking these photos cos of the insufficient amount of light and I have to constantly use my flash so that I can set my shutter speed a little bit faster cos someone told me that I have to freeze the moment.
Aside of all the problems that occurred, I must say that I enjoyed the ceremony and how can we feel bad when a couple is getting engage. It was a simple engagement but meaningful to them cos they're about to face a new journey together as husband and wife in the future. 
I wish them all the best and congratulation!! :D

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The infected and BOKEH!

This mango leaf is so infected and it kinda look like the leaf has so many blemishes and pimples, which is gross but it fascinates me how can the leaf got infected like that. I managed to capture some bokeh in this picture, which makes me happy. LOL!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

First there was a rainbow and then the sky sets on fire.

Took these last 2 weeks ago and totally forgot to post these up. It all happened in a day. It was raining and not long after that, the rainbow started to show itself but the show wasn't long enough. It only lasted for about half an hour and I took pictures of it when it started to fade away because I was sleeping at that time. When I woke up and went outside of my house, I saw the rainbow and rushed back into my room to get my DSLR. That was my first time taking pictures of a rainbow, haha! 
As the time passed, the sun started to set and it makes the sky look at its best. The sunset generated  beautiful and fiery colors, makes it look more orange-y. Somehow it makes me feel like the sky is burning. 

God has indeed created one of a hell good world and universe!