Friday, October 1, 2010

Photography Contest- Kenzo Peace with Nature.

"You are the MOST vivid from the rest."

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a photography contest that was organized by Kenzo in conjunction of the launching of its new fragrance 'Flower'. The theme for the contest would be 'A Touch of Red', which means red color has to be part in the photo. Contestants can choose 1 out of 2 categories, Advanced Category is for advanced, experienced and pro photographers. 2nd category would be the Creative Category and this category is for casual shooters with creativity in expressing the theme.

Was thinking to enter the contest and went around my house to get inspired and I saw this flower. My mom planted it years ago and it grows healthily, we called it Firecrackers flower cos it kinda look like a small bunch of firecrackers and birds love to suck the honey out of it. I got lost track of  time and when I wanted to submit it, the submission has been closed. Too bad but it's okay though, just not my luck. :D

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