Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Justine Clan.

 Picking up shells at the beach

Mom joined in the fun

Went in to the water just to find shells

Dad with his serious expression

I present to you my family, The Justine. These photos were taken way back in the month of May. Went back to my dad's hometown, Kuala Penyu to celebrate 'Kaamatan' also known as Harvest Festival. Dad decided to bring us to Sawangan Beach a few days later, grandma was with us too but she's camera shy so didn't have the chance to take her portrait. The weather was fine, a little bit windy but it didn't rain. My little brother and youngest sister behaved that day, no shouting and fighting with each other like they always do so my parents could have their tranquility for a little while. The kids were playing and picking up shells, the grownups chit chat under a tree nearby, and I was busy taking pictures of the sceneries. Too bad my younger sister wasn't there with us, she actually went back to Labuan on exactly the same to continue her study. Matriculation's school break sucks, not long enough for us to spend quality family time together.

Edited the photos in B&W to give a pinch of dramatic effect.

Overall, the day was fun. It was nice to be at the beach once in a while.