Thursday, November 25, 2010


Let's take picture...

I was really uninspired before I took this but I decided to just take a few shoots cos I feel like it has been the longest period since the last time I held my baby DSLR. Been neglecting it and I'm such a bad mummy! So, this is my second typography that I did. Typography is basically a kind of photography that includes some wordings or even quotes. 

I use my own quote which ' let's take picture', as shown above. Bought the necklaces from a friend and those are my favorite accessories at the moment. Love to wear one of them when I go out. The writings are hand written by me, my cursive writing skill is really rusty now! Practiced LOADS before I get to write the not-so-perfect one. Happy with this I must say. :D


  1. wonderful cursive the necklace too!! where can i have one????? XD
    PS: love this picture so much

  2. bought it from a friend of mine but my cursive writing is kinda sucky already. thanks for the compliment! :D