Thursday, December 30, 2010


Marsha, the one who always have my back!

Jeniffer, quite annoying sometimes cos she's the youngest and mom and dad always take 
her side but I love her still. 

 Marcel, a brother that always disturb his sisters and always treat me as if
I'm his punching bag.

Mom, the woman who brought me out into this world and the most
beautiful woman on earth!

The Awesome aunt Tina! 

The Sarcastic but Cool aunt Suzanna. 

Sweet cousin Stephanie.

These portraitures was taken on Christmas Day since all of us were able to be together. We were chatting and relaxing while everybody was eating so I decided to take their picture. The room was quite dark but the window was open and this gave me the idea to do some CLS or Creative Lighting System. I only use sunlight and positioned them to sit by the window to get the right amount of sunlight shone to their face. 

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