Tuesday, August 16, 2011

His name is Chow.

This mini sized charmer is our second dog. Daddy decided to bring him home from granma's house to accompany Brown, our first dog. He was just a small puppy when he first arrived and so scared of us, always hiding under the car or in the bushes. Didn't even want us to be near him when it's time for dinner. He would wait until we're out of sight then he would creep out from his hiding to eat. Poor boy. 

But now, he's so different! He's naughtier than Brown even. He likes to chase birds and rats outside of the house. I think he's a hunter. Quite lazy sometimes too cos he loves to lie down on the grass, having quite a few naps.  May you grow big and strong, Chowy :)


  1. Chow Yuen Fatt??! how cool is that. Sy suka ne puppy owh! minta..

  2. not chow yun fat, just chow! hahaha too bad he's the last dog survived, his other siblings couldn't make it :(

  3. nampak hensem pla dia dlm gmbr2 ni kan..hhehe..but truly he has the eyes of a chinese look when you see him face2face..hehe
    LONG LIVE CHOW!!hehe

  4. even the last picture shows he's got chinese eyes! hahaha

  5. That's a nice hairdo...! ;)