Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just a short sharing

I won't be posting any of my pictures for this post cos I'm not in the mood of doing so. Just want to share a little bit to my followers. Before that, I've just reached 51 followers. Woohoo! Not the sims type of woohoo but woohoo as in yahoo! Thank you to all you followers for still following me loyally. I may be the laziest photo blogger that you have followed and despite of my lack of updates, all of you still stick around with me and not even once I see the number of my followers decreased. Once again, thank you for still following me and I promise you that I will continue to take pictures and I won't stop learning to improve my not-very-good photography skills. Besides, I still have heaps of things to learn about the tips and tricks. So followers, please bare with me :)

The real thing that I want to share with all of you is that I'm interested in old vintage cameras and it's actually a wish of mine to own one. What I like about old vintage camera is that it gives some sort of a retro feel to the pictures and I like the fact that when you take pictures with a film camera, you won't be able to edit or retouch those pictures anymore. It is what it is. A little more time and thoughts will be needed before you decide to press the shutter to make sure that every shot is good and the film will not be wasted. There are several models that I would want them to be mine but the model that I'm so crazy about is the TLR camera! I'm a big sucker for TLR vintage cameras but Ricohflex and Rolleiflex are my ultimate favorite brands. I have been searching for it online but I think it's too risky to buy something that is very old from online shops without looking at the condition of the camera on my own. Joel's brother owns a Rolleiflex and that made me a little envious and I was like 'I want one too..'. Is there any shops in KK that sell these kind of vintage cameras with very reasonable price? 

For now, I can only look at pictures and imagining that I'm holding the camera in my hands. Some day, just maybe that imagination will be true. *fingers crossed*

The viewfinder is at the top.

That's all for now, have to focus on my studies before my final exam this sunday.

PS: I do not own those pictures :)


  1. good aiming sis! Go for it! I support u.. & good luck for ur final exam k.. >.~

  2. Awwww thank you so much for the wish sis :)

  3. Awesome :D good luck on your exam :D