Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Penelope, the Santa Cruz guitar and Blair, the ukulele.


These are my babies! Penelope was bought probably 10 years ago and she's the first guitar I played and there's no guitar that can beat her. Blair, the ukulele is the new addition in our family. Bought it a few months back because I wanted to be the "next Zee Avi". LOL!

This was a random shoot that I did when I was studying for my finals. I was so bored and decided to take a break to take few pictures before continuing my revisions. At first I didn't have any inspiration on what subject  for my shoot so I sat on my bed, looked around the room and saw my two babies sitting on the chair, chilling!! So the idea came to me and voila, my precious guitars as the subject!


  1. great introduction, great opening...hope can see more~~~~~~~

  2. They really are wonderful shots. I love that you named your instruments!

    (saw your comment at Carlos' blog and thought I'd come say hello.) :)

  3. thank you so much for the nice compliment Lydia.