Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Together.

The title of the post 'Happy Together' suits today's post the best!! I mean it shows in the picture that they do feel happy. It was raining when I took these pictures and I wanted to take pictures of a person standing in the rain but it didn't go as I've planned. I need to go to a different direction. Brown, my dog kept following my younger sister and I around, probably was quite interested with my DSLR that was hanging on my neck. He began to act all cute and started to play with my sister and I managed to take the third picture that I think is quite cool. I love them both! Brown is the most intelligent dog that I know and also the most caring too. He's a part of my family. My sister Marsha Elsie Justine, I love her very dearly and I miss her so much if she's not around. She's the person that I can open up and be myself truly.