Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peep hole!

I took these pictures when I was having a break from my revision, after the photo-shoot that I did with my guitars and I wanted to take more pictures. This one is another random idea that came across me.
The idea is about looking through a peep hole, something similar when we see who's outside of the door through the peep hole that most doors have. Since I don't have anyone that I can take picture for the subject, so I decided  that the gorgeous men that have been living on my bedroom wall would be enough. The first picture is Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, second is Liverpool's and England's captain Steven Gerrard and last but not least Jamie Scott.
The prop that I used for this shoot is a roll of toilet tissue and that's it. I hold the toilet tissue using 1 hand and the other hand is to press the shutter. Easy yet simple right?

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