Thursday, July 29, 2010

First there was a rainbow and then the sky sets on fire.

Took these last 2 weeks ago and totally forgot to post these up. It all happened in a day. It was raining and not long after that, the rainbow started to show itself but the show wasn't long enough. It only lasted for about half an hour and I took pictures of it when it started to fade away because I was sleeping at that time. When I woke up and went outside of my house, I saw the rainbow and rushed back into my room to get my DSLR. That was my first time taking pictures of a rainbow, haha! 
As the time passed, the sun started to set and it makes the sky look at its best. The sunset generated  beautiful and fiery colors, makes it look more orange-y. Somehow it makes me feel like the sky is burning. 

God has indeed created one of a hell good world and universe!